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      P R I C E    G U I D E      


            COMMISSIONED                           PORTRAITS

Watercolor  Portraits

11x14  or 14x14  Single Subject  $ 250

18x22 or 22x22   Single Subject  $ 450

22x30   Single Subject                 $ 750

30x40   Single Subject               $ 1250

(Additional subjects are an extra ½ price

each if painted in the same portrait)


Pencil  Portraits (Graphite)

11x14  Single Subject             $  150

18x23  Single Subject             $  350


Architectural Portraits

(Watercolor or pen-and-ink)

8x10                   $  95

11x14                $ 150

16x20                $ 275


* Prices are subject to change without prior notification

PHOTOGRAPHIC Portrait sittings:

families, individuals, senior, bride, couples, engagement, new born, other


Commission Process


The client and I talk about what they would like in their portrait.  Size, medium, number of subjects,  “the look” they are wanting.  I use photos they provide or we set a time for a photo shoot where I take several photos.

~ 1/2 of the price to begin.


 If  photos are taken, I narrow down the selection & and we discuss the best look or design.

  I contact the client when I have a finished

portrait for them to see.

    I have also drawn a pre-sketch to show them for positioning if multiple photos are being combined before I create the finished portrait.

 Upon acceptance the balance is collected.

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