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Tamara has a love for capturing the beauty of life in her paintings!


      " It's the light, the light dancing on it's subject.  It brings dimension and warmth that I can "feel."  A beautiful, sparkling moment.  Life is so precious and everchanging.  I love to take what I see and let it flow in watercolor."

Tamara has won numerous awards for her watercolors  as  a professional artist for over Thirty years.  Among her favorite subjects are people, animals, nature, and architecture.


     I fell in love with watercolor painting over thirty years ago, when I saw it demonstrated in my first painting classes.  I love the way it can show the luminous layers of color and light shining through.

     My work is full of light, life, color & emotion.  I work towards having details  and then surround the beautiful images of faces, hands, toes, flowers with flowing washes of color, softness, and striking contrast that comes with light and shadow.

     For hair I usually work wet into wet, moving the brush strokes as the hair flows, curls, waves, or straight wisps!

      Backgrounds are usually large washes of color that compliment the portrait subject!

I work with larger wide brushes first, then use smaller brushes for details.  I paint on 300lb watercolor paper, hot & cold press.

       I am moved by everyday scenes for my subjects…a child’s wonderment at a flower, the love we feel with our animals, a parent and child, a young lady or boy on the brink of becoming…endless beautiful memories coming alive in a painting to treasure!


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