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Comfort of Nature

Honored to have a special work of Art Commissioned by Norton Healthcare Cancer Institute in 2018

Subject of beautiful comforting images of nature in flowing water Color!!

Nature is healing and comforting to our souls & bodies.

I have experienced this my whole life.

I believe we come from the same creator and therefore we find peace in communing together.

The grandeur of sun & sky & earth.

Details of birds singing, butterflies dancing on beautiful colors & endless variety of flowers & plants.

The warmth of Sunshine hugs & eases my body. My bare feet on the earth comforts & grounds me. The sights and sounds fill me with joy!

I find rest & ease being surrounded by nature...

...this experience is the inspiration for my art expression.

May it bring comfort to you.


Tamara Scantland

Dear friend Jeana photographed the painting, my Dezzy & I in my garden in August before it went to its home.

The beginning layers of color...after I painted 7 thin layers of Golden Absorbant Ground primer on a 48x48 canvas to paint watercolor on the canvas.

Red winged Black Birds I have seen many times on my walks near river and on Anchorage Trail. My walks across the Big Four Bridge at Sunrise on the river and the detail of my ivory rose inspired my first ideas when coming up with a design. Two things I love sunrises and roses....

small watercolor on paper design and practice watercolor on canvas nearby to look at as I began the large work of art.

An antique painting of grapes I have had many years that I love was the inspiration for the grapes in painting..

small painting space, but I made it work!!!

In our back yard garden...

with my sweet one in my garden...

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